The Qt library archive



About Inqlude

The goal of Inqlude is to provide a comprehensive listing of all existing libraries for developers of Qt applications. If you are creating applications using the Qt toolkit, and are looking for libraries, components or modules to use, Inqlude is the place where you find all information and pointers to get started.

Inqlude comes with a command line client for handling libraries. See the instructions how to get libraries for more details.

Inqlude aims to be a complete archive of all available Qt based libraries. If you notice that there is some information missing, outdated or inaccurate, please consider contributing the missing data. See the instructions how to contribute for more details.

Note that Inqlude is currently in alpha state. It's not ready for full production use yet. Data is still incomplete, and the tools are limited. Feedback and input is appreciated.

If you have questions of comments please feel free to let us know by creating an issue.

Inqlude was created by Cornelius Schumacher with the help of many others, and is a proud member of the KDE family.