The Qt library archive



Contributing data about libraries

To get a complete overview about all available Qt based libraries, we need to collect data about these libraries. This includes descriptions, instructions how to use them, as well as links to sources or installable packages.

The meta data used by Inqlude is collected in a git repository at or It contains a manifest file in JSON format for each library, which has the meta data in a structured machine-readable form. JSON is easy enough for humans to read and edit as well. See the specification of the manifest format for documentation about what to put into the manifest.

You can contribute meta data by providing patches to the inqlude-data repository. Use the KDE or GitHub mechanisms or just send patches by email. Contributions are welcome.

Contributing to the Inqlude tools

The command line tool is developed in another git repository at or It's still in a proof-of-concept state, so there is quite a bit work left. Have a look at the list of open issues or read the source and come up with your own ideas what to improve.

Especially welcome are contributions for adding support for native package systems on the variety of Linux distributions and other systems out there.


If you want to discuss any aspects of Inqlude, get in contact with us, have questions, or want to contribute in any other way, the best way is to start a thread by creating an issue.