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log4qt C++ port of the Log4j logging framework
qextserialport Cross platform interface to serial ports.
qslog Simple Qt logger
qtioccontainer Application framework inspired by Inversion Of Control concept
qtrest Qt REST Client Framework for work JSON/XML APIs


adctl Google Play Auth, Achives and Ratings, AdMob, and Analytics for Qt/QML on Android/iOS
libqinfinity Qt wrapper around libinfinity, a library for collaborative editing
libsystemd-qt Qt-only wrapper for the Systemd API
novile Source code editor component for Qt
osgqtquick OpenSceneGraph QML Modules
qanmenubar QanMenuBar is lightweight dynamic QML menu component similar to PieMenu
qaudiocoder Library for audio decoding, encoding and audio file conversion
qtermwidget Embeddable console widget
qtsharp Mono/.NET bindings for Qt
quickproperties QuickProperties is a C++/QML library for viewving and editing QObject properties in Qt5
quickqanava QuickQanava is a C++/QML graph drawing library for Qt5

Bleeding edge

qt-certificate-addon Qt Certificate Addon
qtxlsx .xlsx file reader and writer for Qt5