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How to get libraries

This page is about how to use Inqlude as a user, a developer using Qt based libraries in her projects.

First you can just use the web site. Find the information about libraries here, and get the libraries using the provided links. This works and is the recommended way for now, but there is an experimental, but more convenient way.

You can also use the command line client. This client makes it easy to get the libraries you need with just a few commands, without having to know URLs, or how libraries are packages.

First you need to get the command line client. It's a Qt 5 application. If your distribution doesn't have a package for inqlude-client, you can download its sources from or using

git clone

There is a second command line client, written in Ruby. It can also download libraries, but it is mostly aimed at maintaining the inqlude data. It's available as a Ruby gem, so when you have rubygems installed you can simply do a

sudo gem install inqlude
(For instructions how to get rubygems, see

Once you have the client, you can get help about the available commands with

Get a list of available libraries with
inqlude list -r
Install a library with
inqlude install <library_name>
Get a list of installed libraries with
inqlude list

The command line client uses your native package management system. In case there is no meta data available for your system, the client falls back to handling sources. Please consider helping to get your system supported by contributing meta data or implementing a backend for your system. See the instructions how to contribute for more details.