The Qt library archive




Echo Nest Client Qt library for communicating with The Echo Nest Multimedia, API LGPL
KFileAudioPreview Preview of audio files Multimedia LGPLv2.1+
KMediaPlayer Plugin interface for media player features Multimedia LGPLv2.1+ A Qt C++ library for the webservices API, Multimedia GPLv3
neiasound OpenAl wrapper for Qt apps and games Multimedia, Bindings BSD 2-clause
Phonon Phonon Multimedia Platform Abstraction Multimedia LGPLv2.0+
PulseAudioQt Qt wrapper for PulseAudio API Multimedia, Bindings LGPLv2.1+
QAudioCoder Library for audio decoding, encoding and audio file conversion Multimedia LGPLv3+
QtGStreamer Qt bindings for GStreamer Bindings, Multimedia LGPLv2.1+
QtAV A cross-platform media playback framework based on Qt and FFmpeg. Multimedia LGPLv2.1
QtFFmpegWrapper Qt FFmpeg Wrapper for video frame encoding and decoding Multimedia BSD-3-Clause
QtSpeech Cross-platform API to access and use system text-to-spech engines Bindings, Multimedia LGPLv3+
VLC-Qt VLC-Qt - a simple library to connect Qt application with libVLC Bindings, Multimedia LGPLv3