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These libraries are under development, but don't have any official releases yet.

ctk Toolkit for biomedical image computing
cutetest Unit testing for Qt
ff7tk Toolkit for working with data from Final Fantasy 7
kdreports Report generator
kode Code generation library
libtmdbqt Library for querying The Movie Database API (
mimetypes-qt4 Backport of the Qt 5 mimetypes api to Qt 4
qdatacube Datacube for Qt
qdbf Library for handling dbf files
qfb Client library for accessing Facebook graph API
qicstable High performance Qt table widget
qjsonrpc Implementation of the JSON-RPC protocol
qserialdevice Cross-platform library for accessing serial devices
qsint Open source Qt Widgets Collection
qtftp FTP implementation
qtgamepad Reading input from gamepad devices
qtgooglespeech Library to use Google Speech service
qthttp HTTP implementation
qtmodeling Framework for supporting model-driven engineering
qtoolbox Set of tools for Qt development
qtoptimization Module for optimization algorithms
qtorm Object relational model inspired from Django
qtrest Qt REST Client Framework for work JSON/XML APIs
qtrpt Report engine
qtspeech Cross-platform API to access and use system text-to-spech engines
qtuio Interface to TUIO, the protocol for tangible multi-touch surfaces
qtuiotouch Qt plugin for TUIO input devices
qtunits Qt runtime unit conversion library built using (and compatible with) Boost::Units.
qtvkontakte Qt wrapper around Vkontakte Android SDK (, Russian social network)
qtwebsockets Qt implementation of WebSockets client and server.